Wall and sound panels

Create a quiet and productive working environment with our wall and sound panels! Discover our wide range of acoustic solutions for offices, home offices and other spaces.

Why choose wall and sound panels from Office Supply?

  • Improved acoustics: Reduce reverberation and noise pollution in your space.
  • Increased productivity: Create a quiet environment where people can concentrate better.
  • Stylish design: Choose from various colours, materials and designs to complement your interior.
  • Easy installation: Most panels are easy to install without tools.
  • Environmentally friendly: Made from sustainable materials.

Discover our different wall and sound panels:

  • Acoustic wall panels: Absorb sound and reduce reverberation.
  • Partition walls: Create privacy and work spaces.
  • Baffles: Enhance sound absorption in specific areas.
  • Mobile screens: Flexible solutions for acoustic privacy.
  • Desk panels: Reduce noise pollution between desks.

Improve the acoustics in your room with our help!


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